Top 5 Spring Make Up Essentials

Hello! So, this is my first blog post so I thought I’d start off with something that fits the new season we’re heading into! As the weather will get warmer (eventually) , our make up game changes once again!  In the spring time, I tend to go for more lighter make up looks, with a fresher and glowy finish.

1.Dewy, light base 

When it gets warmer, I don’t want my base to be so heavy and prefer a more lighter coverage feels not only more comfortable, but gives a more natural finish.IMG_0434 2

I love the Bourjois Happy light primer luminous (£10.99). This is a fairly new product in 2016 and I love the way that it smooths out my skin before applying foundation, also being super moisturising for my dry skin. In terms of how much it prolongs the wear of make up, it does okay, but maybe go in with a setting spray if your make up tends to fade quite quickly. After this, go in with a light foundation or even a BB Cream. I don’t know what it is about Bourjois base products, I just love them, they give such a gorgeous luminous finish. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is a perfect example of this. This retails for £10.99, mine is in the shade 51, Vanilla. The two products together just work perfectly to create a glowing base, perfect for the spring time. Carry on as normal with concealer and powder.

2. Cream products for a fresh finish

I like to switch to cream products near the spring time as they just give such a ‘glow from within’ kind of look. Of course, you can use cream products all year round but I just love the way cream products add to the luminous finish we’re going for.


There was a time where I was absolutely obsessed with cream blush and my favourite had to be the Maybelline Dream Touch Blushers, and at the super cheap price of £6.49 each, they’re definitely worth picking up! The one in the picture below is shade number 06, a lovely bright coral, with peachy undertones.

Cream eyeshadow is also such a quick way to give a little something to your eyes, whilst still looking effortless. The cult favourite Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo’s had to have a mention and this ‘Pink Gold’ shade is a fab transition into spring. (£5.99)

You didn’t think I’d forget the highlight did you? Of course not! Again, a cream or liquid highlight just makes everything look more fresh and  natural.


The Benefit Watts Up Highlighter (£24.50) really is worth all of the hype that it gets. Its such a versatile highlight, you can get away with using it all year round, with its champagne base and a golden undertone, it just creates the perfect reflect which works on most skin tones. The swatch really does not give it justice, but on the cheekbones its a stunning intense highlight.

3. Warm, Shimmer Bronze

It’s time to whip out the shimmery bronzers! Well, nothing too shimmery, just a bronzer that has a sheen to it. I’m definitely more of a matte bronzer kind of girl, but in the spring its fun to bring out a bit of shimmer. If you’re scared of a shimmery bronzer like I am, then the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is perfect for you.


The price tag is expensive, at £33, but it’s completely worth every penny, becoming a staple in my collection. The colour itself isn’t too dark nor too light and the pigmentation is completely on point. Apply your bronzer of choice using a stipple brush on the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit. Go light on the contour, even skip it all together to get a fully bronze look.

4. Voluminous Mascara

Skipping heavy eye make up calls for stand out lashes.  So grab your favourite mascara and lay on a couple of coats.


The Benefit They’re Real mascara wins every time for me. It gives length, volume and thickens right from the root of the lashes. My mascara is in limited edition packaging but the product inside is still the same retailing at £19.50.

5. Colourful Coral Lips

I love breaking out the bright lipstick’s in spring time. It’s time to stop shying away and stop using the same nude lipstick you use everyday. Yes, I’m guilty. A pop of colour on the lips will just be the cherry on top of this fresh look. My recommendations would have to be these two.IMG_0457

Firstly, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Coachella Coral. The formula of these lipstick are fantastic, and this colour is perfect if you prefer more of a subtle lip, but it’s still different from your typical nude. It’s a velvet finish and feel’s super moisturising. Again, stay away from the matte look this season, girls! Also, can we just talk about the packaging? Its stunning. Anyway, this lipstick is gorgeous, however it has the hefty price tag of £23. So, for a more budget friendly option, go for the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in the shade Shocking Coral. As the name would suggest, it is  bright coral colour and sometimes I do feel brave enough to wear this. It’s actually a lot brighter in real life than it is in the picture! Bur nonetheless, it’s a lovely lipstick and goes perfectly with the cream blush previously mentioned.

So that completes my top 5 spring essentials in the make up world! I hope this was handy and I’m giving you guys some new bits to pick up!

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Spring Make Up Essentials

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your first post and I’m so proud of you for starting this! I’m gonna put these fan tips to use and maybe get a cream blusher! 😚


  2. Hey there I have been reading your blogs and you seem to know your stuff when it comes to make up. I am opening a new online make up store and I am looking for suggestions on what to stock. I am wanting popular trendy make up. I am currently stocking medora lipstick after reading another blog which has turned out great. Any of your input would be appreciated
    Thanks annmarie @ mum’s beauty club


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