Night Time Skincare Routine

Before bed is the most important time to do your main skincare routine.  Your skin regenerates overnight, so it’s good to have a clean and bare face before sleeping. I complete this routine religiously and have found products that really work with my skin. The products listed are actually quite affordable too! Just a little bit about my skin type, I have dry skin at the moment. So getting into the routine! P.S I don’t do these steps every night, the main one’s are make up removal, toning and moisturising.

Make up removal 

If you only have time for one thing before sleep, this is definitely the step you should take. For me, the most effective way to do it is with a micellar water. It just feels so soft and doesn’t dry out the skin. The way you use this is to pop a little bit onto 2 cotton pads and leave them over each eye for a couple of seconds, gently moving the pad in circular motions. Grabbing another cotton pad, put more product on and gently swipe across the face to remove face make up.

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There are so many micellar water’s on the market but my all time favourite has to be the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and it actually happens to be one of the cheapest at £4.99. I love how gentle it is yet it gets right into the skin to pull out all traces of make up. I’ve gone through so many bottles of these and would recommend to anyone. Make sure to wash your face as well, this will just help to get rid of the stubborn bits of make up, plus giving you a super fresh feeling.

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The Neutrogenea visibly clear pink grapefruit wash is my absolute favourite, its not too foamy or soapy which means its not going to dry out my skin. It also has ingredients to help get rid of blackheads and spots which I really love. It’s difficult to find a face wash that helps prevent spots that doesnt leave my skin feeling even more dry because they tend to be geared to more oily, spot-prone skin. I think this product would work with any skin type. £3.99 


In the same way, run a toner over your skin with a cotton pad. A toner will further get rid of any traces of make up left on the skin, but also contains ingredients that repair the skin. The one I’ve been loving is The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. It’s fab because it really does feel like it’s adding extra hydration to my skin. You’ll notice I absolutely love the Vitamin E range from the body shop,  it just works so well with my skin. Plus, the line is all pink which is a bonus! This retails for £9.50

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I only do this twice a week, just to add some extra moisture to my skin and lots of other good benefits. The Soap and Glory Bright and Beautiful 6 in 1 Engergizing Radience Serum leaves your skin feeling ultra fresh and can be used at the night time or just before make up in the morning. I apply this with my finger tips and massage it into my skin. £13.00



On an average night, I’ll just go in with a normal moisturiser but sometimes if my skin is feeling extra dry and needs a boost, I go in with the No.7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask.


This is just a 3 minute mask that you massage into your skin and then wash away. It literally gives you such an instant moisture boost just as it says on the bottle. It is reccomended for dry to very dry skin and retails for £12.50. Follow up with your favourite moisturiser. I love moisturiser and I can’t believe there was a time that I didn’t use it! At night time, you should go in with a thicker and richer cream as this will melt into your skin over night and your face will feel more plump in the morning. The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream is a gorgeous night cream and I’m obsessed with it (13.00)


It doesn’t just sit on your skin, it really sinks deep into the skin and my skin feels amazing the next day. The No. 7 product and this are just the perfect pair! I apply my moisturiser with my fingers and massage it in, focusing on the drier areas of my face like my nose and chin.

That completes my night routine and skin care recommendations!




3 thoughts on “Night Time Skincare Routine

  1. Yay another great post! I think I’ll get that serum; I could definitely do with a moisture and skin radiance boost!


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