Product review & wear test – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Hey guys! I recently ordered this gorgeous highlight and contour kit from Charlotte Tilbury, the well known ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’

I was so excited! It was a hefty investment, retailing at £49 on her website, but we shall see if it was worth it! Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous. Just like all of her other stuff, it was all rose gold and this product comes with a lovely big mirror as well.


It has a ‘sculpt’ side and a ‘highlight’ side. The contour side is a light brown with a neutral undertone, which is good because it means you could bronze or contour with this product. The fact that it is such a neutral brown is also good because it means it will probably work with both cool and warm undertones. This specific kit is in light to medium, but there is also a medium to dark shade. When I first swatched the powders I noticed the highlight had a lot of pigmentation and it came up very intense. The colour is a champagne with golden undertones and I don’t have another highlight like it. Its a gorgeous colour and it was literally love at first swatch! The contour had to take a bit more building up as the pigment was slightly more sheer. I don’t mind this as I prefer a softer contour, but this may be a problem for some people. They are both very finely milled and of fabulous quality.

It’s all good the powders being very pretty, but it’s important to see if they last on the skin!
The foundation I wore this day was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in Light 3 (this came as a sample with this purchase). The colour was too dark for me, but you can see how gorgeous it sits on the skin as well as the longevity of wear within the next couple of pics.

Wear Test

Original Application

10.30 am12834671_1104671259566582_1248434718_n

IMG_0513Can we talk about this highlight though?! It’s stunning, I applied with a fan brush and didn’t even pick up that much product! My highlight felt on fleek all day I have fallen absolutely in love with it! I used an angled contour brush to apply the contour and I love how well this blended on my skin. I wasn’t as in love with it as I was with the highlight, but it was still an easy application and a nice result.



Not much difference an hour and a half later, still on my skin.



This was me in the car coming back from my Nans house 2 hours later. Highlight was still glowing and can still see the contour, so far so good.



This was when me and Mum went for a late lunch and you can see how the contour is still on the skin, as well as a little bit of the highlight.



On the way home now! Very impressed with how long the contour lasted! Slightly see the highlight.



Last check of the day! The highlight has pretty much gone, can kinda see the contour in the right picture, however you can see the product has faded.

Overall, I’m surprised with how long the contour lasted! After a slightly underwhelming application, the longevity of the product really made up for it and I was really impressed. The highlight is absolutely stunning and I haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it!

Worth the £49? Well, I don’t regret buying the product as I know I will get use out of it. I do think it is worth the investment if you find that your bronzer fades on your skin really easily. The highlight is really unique also, so definitely worth picking up I would say!



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