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Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend

These brushes are part of Make up Revolution’s brush line, this being the, ‘ultra scupt & blend‘ set. I’ve never tried any Make Up Revolution brushes so I was excited to give these a go and the price (£14.99) is so affordable I really couldn’t say no to picking them up.

The handles are stunning, rose gold with the brand name imprinted on them. The set comes with an eyeshadow brush, a large contour brush and a smaller one, as well as a blending sponge. I’ve tried all of the tools in lots of different ways and have decided my favourite ways to apply and use them.

The actual bristles of the brushes are really soft against the skin and make blending an easy and quick process. Starting with the contour brushes; the smaller one is fantastic for blending out cream contour products as well as cream highlighters as it is small enough to do so, but the shape helps to blend upwards when contouring. The bigger one is better with powder contour products, but I’ve found I like it more for blending foundation. It’s quite a dense brush so it doesn’t leave any streaks or stippling marks on your face. I love this brush because it’s so versitile which is great for on the go or travelling. Finally, the eyeshadow brush is lovely as well. It’s fluffy enough to blend out crease work, but dense enough to create a wash of colour on the lid. The size of the brush is also great for nose contouring.

However, my favourite of the whole set is the blending sponge! I’m so suprised because I don’t use sponges at all in my make up routine but this one has completely stolen my heart! It expands so much when you wet it, so it can cover and blend your foundation really quickly. As well as this, it’s very squidgy which makes it easy to bounce on the skin and not absorb too much product. I love using this with really full coverage foundation as it sheers the product out, but still leaves a flawless base.

I’m so impressed by this set and will defintley be trying out more Make Up Revolution brushes/tools!


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