Ways to GLOW

Ways to GLOW: LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint

I feel like everyone is obsessed with having glowy and highlighted skin recently and there are so many products available to give us this result. Much like everyone else, I adore being luminous as my skin is naturally dull and dry. I’ve decided to go on a hunt for the best products to make your face super glowy, starting with this cream highlighting product from LUSH Cosmetics. It’s called the, ‘Feeling Younger Skin Tint’, claiming to reflect light and brighten skin. I’ve been eyeing this product up for a while and decided to pick it up and see how it goes.


This retails for £12.00 and you can get it online or at your local LUSH store. On original swatch on the back of my hand, it felt quite bouncy and had quite a moosse- like texture. It actually feels really nice and hydrating on the skin. The directions say to mix in with your moisturiser or foundation. I’ve tried both, as well as in my primer and on its own. To be honest, they all work the exact same way. The formula is nice because I find it works with a lot of different base products and foundations. Mostly, I’ve been mixing this in with my Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm before applying foundation because it doesn’t change the longevity of the primer but just adds a touch of luminosity. In the second picture above, you can see the skin tint absorbed onto my hand and it leaves a gorgeous natural shine and glow.

The instructions also say you can use this to cover dark circles but I disagree with this. I have pretty bad dark circles so it may work for you if you just want some brightening on that area, but I found it just emphasised the darkness, as well as sinking into every single fine line I have under there. Although you are not directed to do so, I tried this on the tops of the cheekbones and areas you would normally use a powder highlight and it did look really pretty and gave a very natural shine to those areas. However, I think this works better as an all-over face highlight because it is quite subtle and gives you that gorgeous, ‘glow from within’ kind of look. This would be fab for people with quite textured skin or who suffer with acne as there is not chunky shimmer or glitter so it won’t emphasise any uneven skin.

I have been loving this product and would recommend this so much, it looks so beautiful!

Speak to you in my next post,

Chloe xx

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