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New: The Body Shop Eyeshadow Palette

I haven’t really explored too much of The Body Shop’s make up range, which is strange because I love their skincare line. But, whilst looking around my local store these new eyeshadow palettes caught my eye. They have come out with 5 eyeshadow quads,retailing for £15 and a bigger eyeshadow palette with 8 shades at £22. The shades in the palettes pop out as well so you can customise your own quad or palette. It was hard to choose which one to get but I ended up getting the larger palette with these gorgeous deep smokey shades.

Down to Earth palette

I don’t know if you guys can see but I’ve already dropped this palette and one of the shades has crumbled (the deep plum on the top right). Woops, clumsy me! Despite that, I love the variety of colours in this palette, I think you could create a variety of different looks without having to reach for another palette which is always nice. The actual formula is really smooth and not chunky at all. The pigmentation is pretty good, especially with the matte shades. Some of the shimmery ones, such as the pale gold, have to built up a little bit more to make them more intense. I have to say they last a good amount of time on the eyelids and overall I do really enjoy this palette. These aren’t normally the types of shades I go for so I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone choosing this palette over some of the other ones available from The Body Shop.

The price is quite middle of the road, not too expensive but it’s not super cheap either, however I’d still really recommend it as it does perform very pretty on the eyelids. If the quality is the same in the quads, I think that’s a fabulous idea as you could have all your everyday shades in a handy little palette.

Click here to see the other palettes on the website & please check out my instagram glowithclo

Speak to you soon xx



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